Santa Clara's Rum Factory





700 kWp Sistema Gulpiyuri


The work in Cuba was installed over the four decks at Santa Clara’s Rum Factory. In this factory big brands like Ron Cubay are bottled and exported around the world.


The project consisted in the installation of 2752 panels and a total power of 688 kw. The biggest solar project over a deck in the whole island.


The roofs at the rum factory are made by concrete and they are really old. None of them were completely flat, and that made us think in anchoring solutions that admitted a full control between the support points, which were very closed to each other.


The proposed solution, accepted by both client and the property was to use our Gulpiyuri 50 System anchored by chemical anchor to the roof. We got covered the triple aim.


Threaded rods allow us to regulate the height the anchors to the roof.


We incorporated obturation materials to the threaded rods, gaining a sealing solution and due to the weight they support we gained the resistance to the hurricane winds we were looking for.


5658 profile meters , 3900 anchor units and 5632 panel clamps were used in total, with a successful result.