Roof structures, ground structures and special fabrications for solar panels

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Structures For Solar Panels

In Alusín Solar we are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of support systems for solar panels, the necessary element to fix the solar panel in a certain place providing firmness, security and a proper orientation. We have different types of structures, both for installations on the ground and on roofs of all types, including that type DECK, with PVC or asphalt cover where the roof cannot be drilled.

More than 300 projects, the presence in more than 21 countries and three continents have made us experts in the sector. We advise you on the choice of the structure that best suits your project, taking into account factors such as orientation, the necessary separation between the panels, the necessary surface area, the optimum angle and the installation site to make the most of solar radiation.

In our “Virtual Technical Office” section you will also find videos and resources which show you the particularities of each structure, its technical characteristics and how to implement it into your photovoltaic project.

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We want to become your personal manufacturer of solar structures, so we adapt all our systems to the installation site, regulating the inclination to make the most of the solar radiation available at the chosen location. Whether a solar farm or an industrial plant, we have the materials and the experience necessary to adapt to your needs and possibilities.

Our aluminum solar structures allow the installation of photovoltaic panels in extreme climates and the tightness of the roof fixing, in addition to having anti-theft nuts that guarantee the safety of your solar panels.

Below we show you the structures for solar panels and the anchors with which to configure and customize your photovoltaic installation.

Middle & Final, Special products

Ground structures, Solar Bombing 

For seam roofs, Special products
Ballasted Structures, Roof structures
Flat Structures, Roof structures
Angle Structures, Roof structures