Coplanar Systems

At Alusín Solar we have coplanar structures designed for pitched roofs. This type of structures are very economical and have multiple advantages that make them one of the most recommended options.

These systems stand out for their versatility when installed on roofs of factories, warehouses or large centres. The assembly of this type of structure is very fast, as they adapt perfectly to the environment for which they were acquired.

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Coplanar Systems

We currently have three models of coplanar structures for pitched roofs:

Gulpiyuri 30 in bars

This system is one of the most versatile systems for installing solar panels on roofs or industrial roofs. Its versatility means that it can be installed on corrugated or sandwich sheet metal roofs.

Gulpiyuri 30 in sections

This system of structures by sections has been designed for the coplanar installation of solar panels on sheet metal roofs. It can be installed on a grid parallel to the roof slope or from grid to grid, perpendicular to the slope.

Gulpiyuri 75 in sections

Specially designed and developed to install solar panels on sandwich sheet metal roofs by anchoring the section to the valley of the sheet, between the ribs.

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