Ballasted Systems

At Alusín Solar we have a system of ballasted structures without drilling. This has been specially developed for DECK type flat roofs, with PVC or asphalt fabric roofing where it is not possible to drill the roof.

It is a ballasted structure without drilling. In addition, it uses a deflector plate that prevents the wind from entering from behind and incorporates a slot that allows us to attach the solar panel at 6 points. Thus, this slot allows two extra fixing points to the panel, which means that it totally prevents its movement.

Therefore, we are talking about our Picos 4.0 system. This system is made entirely of aluminium and consists of side and rear deflector plates to attenuate the action of the wind. It also has custom-designed ballasts that are supplied with the structure.

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Picos 4.0 System

With the Picos 4.0 system there is no need to drill holes in the roof for fixing. Picos 4.0 is wind tunnel tested and validated and is also suitable for frameless solar panels. This means that it has been tested in conditions up to 144 km/h, configurable up to 250 km/h. In addition, it is equipped with anti-theft nuts.

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