Roof structures


Technical specifications:

  • Solar structure system suitable for residential installations.
  • Different options for fixing to the roof depending on the characteristics of the roof.
  • Solar panel fixing clamps configurable for frame thickness from 30 to 40 mm.
  • Profiles, clamps and accessories manufactured in extruded aluminium in accordance with EN AW standards. Screws in A2 stainless steel.
  • Availability of waterproofing, profile covers, as well as other accessories and consumables so that you have everything you need for the assembly of your solar installation.
  • Black anodised version available.

The Lagos Series is characterised by being a type of structure adapted to the demands of the market and designed for the needs of the installer, highlighting the ease and convenience of assembly.

It is sold in closed boxes so that you can make your own stocks of material.

Availability of stock for quick delivery anywhere in Spain.

New! Meet the Rio Sella waterproofing.

Water-based liquid waterproofing, highly elastic, based on a dispersion of acrylic copolymers in emulsion. Its formulation incorporates chopped glass fibre which, randomly distributed inside the product, provides high compaction with hardly any loss of flexibility. It is manufactured with the ATMH system, which is capable of delaying the appearance of the effects of humidity.

Due to its great flexibility, weather resistance and internal cohesion, Rio Sella is particularly suitable for ensuring the correct sealing of the fixings on the roof, avoiding possible leaks. In addition, it can be used both horizontally and vertically, as well as in applications where cracks are detected or are expected to appear.

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