Grupo Miguel


San Juan Opico



Gulpiyuri System


Alusin Solar has had the pleasure to collaborate with this project and supply our new non-tilt solar system structure for the first time which I will detailed explain at the end of this post.


1MW Roof-top Project size, on their facility production at San Juan Opico, has 3000 PV solar panels, and it is just the first phase out of 3 that Grupo Miguel has in mind to get installed and producing green energy for 2018 making a 5MW total project. This project was developed and installed by the Spaniard company GranSolar (GRS) in collaboration with Grupo Pomona Industrial Division.


The building temperature has been reduced thanks to this PV installation, but in this particular case, the temperature has been reduced even more (3-4 C) because of the Gulpiyuri Elevedo System. This particular structure system rises up the panels from the cover 450mm allowing natural cooling. Walking through the cover, I was able to feel the “hearth-effect” and see how fast hot air disappear from under the panels. It wasn’t a nice experience together with the El Salvador temperature…believe me!