Angle System

In order to get the most out of a solar installation, it is very important to consider the angle of inclination and orientation of the solar panels.

The sun shines differently depending on the season and the orientation will depend on the months of use. The intensity of the sun’s rays is not the same in winter as in summer, as in the latter the sun is at a higher altitude. The tendency is to adjust the inclination to 30º. Therefore, our angled solar panels will be the best option for your project.

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Bulnes System

At Alusín Solar we have the ideal structure for installing solar panels at an angle, our Bulnes System, made to measure according to the needs of the installation. Its versatility makes it the ideal structure for installing angled solar panels.

This system is manufactured with extruded aluminium profiles in different alloys and all the screws are supplied in A2 quality stainless steel. For extreme climates there is the possibility of manufacturing all the profiles anodised with the screws in A quality.

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Sistema Bulnes

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