Photovoltaic structures used

Gulpiyuri System and CAREX® Technical Corridor


Palets Bartolomé (MAEMBAR)


Navas de Oro, Segovia


Maderas y Embalajes Bartolomé (MAEMBAR) is a company with a family tradition that has been offering services to companies in all industrial sectors, agriculture, etc. since 1960.


The project was carried out at the company’s factory in Navas de Oro, Segovia. We identified the type of roofing sheet, selected the best system by sections depending on the height of the fretwork, the dimensions of the panel and the layout plan.


In this project, the photovoltaic structure used was Gulpiyuri 30 in sections, for fixing to the upper part of the single sheet metal ribbing.


In this case, only 400mm wide and 3m long corridors were needed to pass over the skylights. The sandwich sheet metal was in very good condition. The corridors were fixed directly to the roof, with a double watertight joint system, for the subsequent maintenance of the solar energy installation itself.