Photovoltaic structures used

Picos 3.0


Altimiras renovables y Peletera Colomer


Masies de Voltregà (Barcelona)


The company Peletera Colomer, founded in 1792, is a reference in the fur industry. It has 218 workers and sales of 38.5 million euros. In addition, the group exports approximately 60% of its production.

The project was carried out at the company’s factory in Masies de Voltregà in the province of Barcelona. The installation consists of 280 photovoltaic solar panels occupying an area of 560 square metres.

In this case the roof of the building has been a key part of this project. It is a DECK type roof with a PVC coating that does not allow perforations or weight overloads to prevent damage to the roof.

The challenge in this project was to fix the structures without the need to drill holes in the roof and the Picos 3.0 System was used for this purpose.