Chile's Government


Santiago de Chile



102 KWp Bulnes System


The installation on Gabriela Mistral art centre its framed within the “Techos Solares” program, run by Chile’s Government.


The project arrived to our offices when our client in Chile ask us for an offer. They needed a BULNES system with no doubts. It must be screwed to all the straps and on top of it, it had to be able to anchor the structures on the borders of the deck. This details were important, because it was a really narrow deck, with the risk that comes along with.


Once our client gets the tender, part of our technical and commercial team travels to Santiago de Chile to study the zone where the panels will be installed in. There they finish defining the sealing system and the final structure disposal.


A total number of 324 panels of 72 cells each were installed, producing 102 kWp of energy.


Apart from being a reference and an intentions declaration, GAM´s solar plant is the biggest installation over a deck in Santiago de Chile. Alusín Solar holds this recognition for its second time. Until now, the biggest solar plant over a deck was the one on Andres Bello University, also developed by Alusín Solar using our BULNES system.