CAREX® Technical Corridor

A technical corridor specifically designed for industrial roofs

CAREX® Technical Corridor

In Alusín Solar we have more than 12 years of experience in the development of works on industrial roofs, due to our activity of construction and installation of photovoltaic structures.

During the assembly or installation of solar panels on roofs, or any other industrial equipment, there are safety problems. Risks of falling on the same level, risks of falling to a different level, the need to cross weak areas such as skylights….

Why a Technical Corridor on deck?

Qualified personnel access the roof for the installation of structures and panels, as well as for subsequent maintenance. These tasks generate an increase in traffic on the roof, which can be very damaging, as being a transit area is not one of its main functions. There is also the added risk of not wearing the right footwear to access it, which can aggravate this situation..

Installation requires access to materials and tools (drills, radial drills, screws, etc.) that can be potentially damaging to the roof.

Installation requires access to materials and tools (drills, radial drills, screws, etc.) that can be potentially damaging to the roof.

Technical walkways prevent accidents due to falls from different levels by providing circulation in areas away from the perimeters of the roof.

Technical corridors delimit the risks of operation or damage in a specific area and not over the entire surface.


In conclusion, work on roofs often results in a lot of wear and tear. In addition, as a consequence, leaks and/or detachments can occur.

The lack of accessibility, the design and manufacture of these products, as well as the lack of specific safety measures have led Alusín Solar to the creation of CAREX®, a technical corridor created specifically for industrial roofs.

The CAREX® Technical Corridor helps to reduce the accident rate, making the repair and maintenance of industrial roofs safer and more accessible. In addition, we have recently been awarded as one of the 12 most innovative projects in the sector at the GENERA 2021 trade fair.

With the creation of this technical corridor we aim to:

Limit the risks of operation or damage to a specific area and not to the entire surface.

Prevent accidents due to falls from different levels by establishing circulation in areas away from the perimeters of the roof.

To reduce damage to the roof during the installation of solar or similar rooftop installations.

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Carex® 400

Carex® modular final has an anti-slip system that can be adapted to all types of roofs.

Carex® PLUS

Same properties as the final version but with different features:

Steps to prevent occupational accidents on roofs

In order to maintain safety in repair and maintenance work on roofs, it is necessary to create a complete action plan.

Here are the steps to follow to prevent accidents at work on roofs.

Gathering background information on the roof

Selection of the company in charge of the roofing work

Security project planning

Execution of the tasks set

Completion of the maintenance plan

Preparation of the work

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How CAREX® is made

The first step is to place the steel strip (1.5mm thick) weighing more than 5 tonnes.

From there, it goes on to the rollers to flatten it so that it can enter the press, where the sheet metal is hit to generate an anti-slip surface, which allows it to fulfil its two main missions:

– To walk safely on the deck.

– To maintain the integrity of the installations.


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In this document we talk about the safety of roofing works. Inside, you will find information related to:

How can an industrial roof be maintained?

At Alusín Solar we can boast more than 10 years of experience in working on industrial roofs, thanks to our activity in the construction and installation of photovoltaic structures.

Therefore, we know that the maintenance of a roof is key to avoid its deterioration and prevent the risk of accidents in case of installations or activities that are carried out on this structural section. In this sense, the installation of fixed safety measures is undoubtedly the best option.

We invite you to consult our guide so that you can tackle a maintenance project with all the guarantees.

The CAREX® Technical Corridor versus other non-specialised products

Currently, there are different alternatives on the market for the installation of technical walkways on an industrial roof, but many of these solutions have not been designed exclusively as a safety element.

Specifically, the CAREX® technical walkway offers several advantages, both in its initial installation and implementation, as well as in its subsequent use.

What other elements differentiate the CAREX® technical corridor from other solutions?

Installation packs

Direct deck fixing (included with Carex® 400)

Rail Gulpiyuri 30

Carex® (600 mm) + Guardrail

Carex® PLUS

CAREX® Technical Corridor manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of a safety element is very important to comply with all the requirements stipulated by the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST).

At Alusín Solar we manufacture the entire CAREX® Technical Walkway, with an exclusive design for its use as a safety element on roofs. In addition, we have additional safety elements to extend the coverage.

If you want to know more about how we manufacture the CAREX® Technical Walkway in our own facilities, we encourage you to consult the following document.

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