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We are dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of structures for solar panels

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At Alusín Solar we are a professional team, specialized and experienced in managing your next solar energy project.


Alusín Solar starts in 2010 as a result of our experience in the aluminum sector and due to the new tendencies in renewable energies Spanish market. The company experiences a constant growth until the end of 2012 – beginning of 2013, facing a really optimistic future expectative in the national market.


Once more due to our passion for what we do, our dedication and the good work from the whole family that makes Alusín Solar possible, we internationalized the company, rising the number of clients that the firm was counting with until that moment. The result of this effort is the most important pilar nowadays: The expansion and being present in more than 14 countries and 3 regions, owing a portfolio of more than 200 projects.


At Alusín Solar we work with two fundamental pillars: sincerity and loyalty. Our policies of transparent information with the whole team and clients make possible that Alusín Solar’s family continues getting its milestones and growing step by step, always innovating and investing in our own development, building this way the ideal portfolio that will lead any new solar project to its finest.


We are here to help you and to contribute to our planet to be a little cleaner everyday, we encourage you to get in touch and discover by yourself what we are capable of.

Javier Fdez-Font, General Manager and Comercial Director at Alusín Solar.

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Javier Fdez-Font

General Manager and Comercial Director

Daysi Giraldo

Europe Account Manager

María Granda

Accounting and Administration

Marcelino Palacios


Leticia Martín


Eloy Alba


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